Little Bird Book Bag

Shopping for craft books at the public library is one of my fave past times, and bringing them home for free somehow gives me satisfaction despite having to return them in 3 weeks. The need for a sweet little tote to carry my temporary books from the library inspired this little bird book bag.

Gotta have:

  • Thrifted sweater
  • Printed cotton fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and coordinating thread
  • Bird pattern (the one I used is from this book)

The length and width of the purse will depend on the size of sweater you start with. The cut piece of sweater for the bird tote happens to measure 15 inches wide by 12 inches tall.

Turn the sweater right side out, cut a bird pattern from the cotton fabric, and hand stitch it onto the sweater as seen below.

The dimensions of the print fabric will depend on the sweater dimensions. Use the same width as the sweater and add 5 inches to the length. Since my sweater was 15" x 12", my print fabric measures 15" x 17".

Attach the straps with a criss-cross stitch as seen below.

So perfect for your trip to the library.

The Real Deal: The thrifted sweater and fabric cost about $10.

  1. I love this!  I am always grabbing a reusable shopping bag.  This is WAY cuter!

  2. I love this bag. Thanks for posting.  Have a safe and Happy New Year

  3. I LOVE this!  So cute.  I made a pillow with a thrift store sweater, and it had a giant cowl neck that I saved and was determined to find something to do with it… problem solved :)

  4. Wow, I just caught this in my reader, I have LOVED your little flowers but I have been away from crafting for a while and I never pipe up on blogs, but I just wanted ot say THANK YOU! This is a beautiful bag! I am so inspired and I really appreciate all the projects you share! Thank you thank you! :)

  5. So where it says your sweater was 15 x 12, and for the print to add 5 inches making it 15 x 17, did you mean 15 x 29? (15 wide by 24 [12 x2 sides, 1 piece folded in half]+5 for the part that gets folded over ?

    I love the use of an old jumper to make this bag!! I have to keep an eye out for one in second hand shops!!
    Feel free to submit this to my link party, would love to share it with more people!

  7. I haven't "sewed' anything except for mending in almost 10 years. This inspired me to pull out the machine and make one! I actually made 2 one large one from the bottom of the sweater and then a smaller one out of the top. Thanks sooooo much for the inspiration! Look out sweater drawer….here I come!

  8. Insipred!  Thank you, I have 3 wool sweaters that I machine felted, months ago, and have been trying to think of how to turn them into a bag.  I am thinking you could also make small purses from the sleeves!! 

  9. this is adorable!  thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh, how I wish I had a sewing machine! I would do this project right now if I did. Do you think the bag would hold up well enough if hand-sewn?

    • Laura – probably if you use small close stitches. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work if you did that.

  11. OMG! perfect christmas present for my sister in law! The colors and the bird are perfect!

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