Make a Felt Embroidery Ornament

Caitlin of Hardly Housewives is here today sharing a charming felt embroidered ornament. Thank you, Caitlin!


  • Embroidery thread
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Thick needle
  • Cotton balls for stuffing the ornament once it’s finished.

Start by cutting out a heart shape in white felt.  Thread your needle with your thread and start stitching out your pattern.  In this case, I did a vine with leaves using the green thread.  I did this without a pattern so the shape is somewhat asymmetrical and the leaves aren’t exactly the same size, but I like it.

Once you’ve got the vine down, switch to a new color.  I grabbed the red thread and started stitching in some flowers.

Switching out to the yellow thread, I made some more flowers and filled in the center of the red flowers I’d already done.

I decided to add red felt as the backing to this ornament, so using the existing white felt heart as a guide, I cut out a red heart…

…and stitched the whole ornament closed, stuffing in the cotton balls to fill out the heart.  To hang the ornament with, I braided my three thread colors and looped it through the top of the heart:

Here it is…

  1. So cute, thanks for posting it.

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