Peyote Stitch 101: Part 2

If you are just joining us for the fresh petite series Peyote Stitch 101, don’t forget to catch up on the necessary supplies in Part 1.

Today we will learn the basics of peyote stitch and make a ring!  Once you get the hang of it you can make one in 15 minutes. Be careful… it’s addicting. 

Cut a piece of Fireline or other beading thread 30" long. Follow Steps 1-5 below. The first bead threaded is called a stop bead because it stops your woven beads from coming undone. 


Before completing Step 5, measure your finger size and stitch as long you need to comfortably wrap around your finger.

Once Step 5 has been completed, rethread the 6” strand at the beginning into the needle head. Weave through a few beads, tie a knot like in Step 5, weave through a few more beads, and snip excess thread.


  • When using fireline, use your fingernail to flatten the end of a strand. This will make it easier to insert into the needle head.
  • When starting out, wrap the thread through the stop bead two to three times for better ‘stoppage.’
  • In Part 1 I mentioned that I prefer fireline because it is ‘grippy.’ If you have chosen to use fireline you will be able to tell now that beads do not easily slip off the fireline once threaded. Nothing is more annoying than having my beads slipping off.
  • Pull the thread tight after each bead. Do not try to weave an entire row before tightening. 

Meet me here next Monday for Part 3 where we will make a cuff!

  1. Loving the ring!

  2. My only problem so far is how big should the string be that I use? I have no idea how much to cut off!

    • I knew I would forget something…. I had the string measured and everything and didn’t even put the length in! 30″ is a safe bet to start with.

  3. Have you ever used elastic thread for the beads?  My thought is that sizing the ring for my finger is fine…getting it over my knuckle is another story!  Of course if the elastic thread doesn't last I'm not keen on exploding rings and beads flying everywhere….

    • Bryony – I have not used elastic. Elastic is much thicker than thread, so I’m not sure if the elastic will be able to loop through the seed beads enough. I might have to give it a try!

  4. Had to use last of my ink cartridges to print all 3 parts out before I forgot and deleted them.  If I can't do this I'll give this to my husband. His hand and eyes work alot better than mine. Give him something to do besides snoozing while he's watching tv., lol. Love how that bracelet and ring look.

  5. Where can i buy the beads ???

  6. wow I luv it gonna make a lot for my friends thanks

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