5 Ways to Have Your Way with Ugly Crafts

Ugly crafts are everywhere, including my craft room. I’m not sure how they got there (yeah right!). Here are my 5 ways to have your way with ugly crafts. I’ve tried 1 through 4, but not 5. Donating anonymously gives me the most satisfaction, as I no longer have to see them and can move on to making more crafts, hopefully pretty ones.

If you could have your way with your ugly crafts what would you do?

  1. Oh my…..there is someone else in the world that thinks like me. I just donated some. You didn’t just buy them did you?

  2. I usually tear my crafts gone wrong apart and try to make something new from the remains.
    Thanks for the ideas, I really liked them and linked to this post on my blog: http://nocreationwithoutchaos.wordpress.com/

  3. LOL!! I’ll have to remember this!!

  4. I might keep them, as a reminder not to make something like it again. Usually I’m adding too much, I should have kept it simple.
    Sometimes it is the inspiration for a project that does work, then I’ll just say it’s a “sketch / mock up” of the end result.
    I do show my ugly crafts sometimes on my blog, just to warn people…
    My crafts are mostly cards, so it’s easy to store (and out of sight). If it’s something bigger, like a painted chair… well, then I’d paint it over again.
    I keep in mind this quote when I’m not entirely (or not at all) happy with the results:

    • Debbie – Oh I like that quote. Very encouraging!

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