Bite Sized Sewing: Heart Tank Top

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Hi! I’m Kimbo! And today I’m showing you how to make this easy heart tank top!

I actually saw a version of this cute tank at old navy….and loved it! So, we are going to knock it off!!!

First things first– if you are a COMPLETE beginner sewer…here’s what you can do: Buy a tank top or shirt (I got this one at clearance from Walmart for $2.)


(It’s old and stained with paint…but for blogging sake let’s pretend that it’s not there)


Cut out shape from scrap fabric. (you could do a star…lightning bolt….initial…whatever gets you excited)

Pin it on. Sew it around! Easy peasy!

But if you have sewed a LITTLE and want to try your hand at making your own tank tops…then let’s press on! (I like tank tops cause there are no sleeves…sleeves can be tricky!)

First…KNIT! I love it. As long as you cut it nice and smoothly…you don’t have to hem…and no hemming equals a nice fast result!

While I was at Walmart I spied with my little eye this navy and gray striped knit…for $2.50 a yard. And that was right up my alley…cause I’m cheap.


I take an existing tank top that fits and lay it out on the fabric…and cut around leaving about two inches on every side ….remember. The front and back are different. The back is usually higher and this particular tank top had a bit of a racer back.


When you have both pieces cut out…sew on your applique. It’s MUCH easier to do it while they are separate pieces (but still totally doable the other way too!)

Then..right sides together you lay it out and pin. You are going to sew 4 times (follow the pink lines!!!)

tank-top-2Try it on the person…if you need to take it in a little more you can. Knit fabric falls really great so even if it’s a little big it should still look nice on (and they can grow into it!)

Now you can hem if you want. But, I’m lazy. So, I don’t.


The knit makes this a super comfortable tank top perfect for handstands.


After a few tries at these easy peasy tanks you can whip out 3 in an hour! (I did. Cause we like to be twinners triplets)

PicMonkey-Collagematchy-Okay…at least I do!

silly-girlAlright! Go give it a try…or at least jazz up some plain looking t-shirts!!! Thanks Sara for having me!!!

I hope you come by and play at my blog

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  1. So simple and CUTE!! I love Kimbo & and stalk her. lol

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