Bite Sized Sewing: How to Sew an A Line Skirt

How to Make an A Line Skirt

Hello, I’m Justine from The Sew Country Chick blog, where I write about sewing, crafts and DIY projects from my old Southern California farmhouse. I’m happy to be sharing a super easy sewing tutorial for you all here today at Craft Snob!

This tutorial packs a two for the price of one punch. You will learn how to make a very easy A line knit skirt pattern and how to sew it at the same time.

This simple pattern is great for beginners and can be made for a child or even yourself (because it’s based on individual measurements).


  • Paper for your pattern
  • A ruler
  • Washable marking pen
  • Scotch tape
  • 3/4 inch wide elastic long enough to fit around waist measurement.
  • 1/4 to 3/4 yard knit fabric


Measure the subject’s waist and divide that measurement by a quarter. Then, measure how long you want the skirt.
You’ll be making a quarter pattern, so lie the pattern on the fold of your fabric when you cut out each skirt piece.

Pattern Making Instructions:

  • 1. Fold a piece of paper in half and cut on the fold. This will be the center of your pattern.
  • 2. Draw your quarter waist measurement across the top of your paper with your ruler. Add 3/8 inch to it to include the seam allowance.
  • 3. Square down from the edge of waist line and draw the measurement length you want for your skirt, adding 2 3/8 inches to allow for the waistband casing and hem.
  • 4. Draw another line across the bottom of page for the hem.


  • 5.To create an A line shape, slash up the center of your skirt and spread open. This is called the slash & spread method of pattern making. The wider you open it, the wider your A line will be.


  • 6. Take some scrap paper and patch the spread out pattern with scotch tape.
  • 7. Use a pencil to draw a smooth hem and waistline, blending out any rough edges.
  • 8. Cut out your quarter pattern.

Sewing Instructions:

  • 1. Cut out two pieces for skirt with your pattern piece laying the pattern on the fold of your fabric.


  • 2. Sew up the sides of the skirt , using either a zig zag stitch or your serger.


  • 3. Mark with a washable marking pen, 2 inches down from top of waist.


  • 4. Turn down the waist to the marked line and sew it down with a zig zag stitch, leaving a 1 inch opening for inserting elastic.
  • 5. Cut a piece of elastic the same length as your full waist circumference. Insert it into the casing with a safety pin. Overlap the elsatic 1/2 inch and stitch it closed with your machine.
  • 6. Sew waist gap closed.
  • 7. Turn up hem 3/8 inch and sew it down with your zig zag stitch.


Justine blogs at Sew Country Chick where she offers other pattern making and sewing tutorials for you to browse through. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  1. in making the 5-mins pattern, i did labor over how wide to make slash thinking there was a mathematical formula. made this skirt using serger and sewing machine. came out beautifully.
    i did however make a one inch hem and used double needle to hem. cute as can be! made two more after that in different sizes.
    thank you for the great, clear instructions.

  2. I need to make skirts out of black cotton, not knit. Elastic waist, but it occurs to me that if I do this, they won’t be able to get it on. Should I use the hip measurement instead of the waist when drafting the pattern, then cut the elastic to the waist measurement to gather it in? I’m worried about making sure they can get the skirts on over their hips, but still having the right shape to the skirt when it’s on.

    • Lisa – Measuring the cotton with using the hip dimensions and the elastic using the waist dimensions is certainly one of the easiest ways to go.

  3. I made a skirt with hip dimensions and elastic using waist measurements for my daughter.It came out very well. Thanks for the simple instructions which helps the beginners like me.

  4. Can I just have your skirt?

    **puppy dog face**

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