Bite Sized Sewing: The 30 Minute Bow Belt

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited (and flattered) I am to be over here today! My name is Hayley and I blog about sewing, crafts, recipes, interior design, and everything in between over at Welcome to the Mouse House. Today, I am sharing a super easy project that you can make for your kids or for YOU!

30 Minute Bow Belt


30 Minute Bow Belt 2a
I am going to give measurements that worked for my 4 year old daughter Ainsley… but you can certainly lengthen or shorten the measurements to adjust the fit.  She LOVES her new belts.
belt 7
Let’s make this adorable and easy belt!  
Okay, so these measurements are for an average 4 year old girl with a 22 inch waist. Just add length for the larger sizes. It is very easy to upsize or downsize by simply measuring your recipient and adding or reducing the length. There is nothing wrong with having extra length… simply tuck it under belt loops. (The red and gold belt is made with elastic… stay tuned because the measurements are different for that.)
Supplies (for Ribbon belt)
(measurements for a 4 year old girl with 22 inch waist)
  • 1 inch grosgrain ribbon cut at 66 inches long
  • 10 inches of ribbon for bow (cut it into 8in. and 2in. sections)
  • 2 “d” rings
  • matching thread
Let’s create the ribbon belt. Follow the pictorial directions below.
belt 4
Let’s make the bow!  
This is using the 10 inches of ribbon. You can change the size of this as much as you want… If you want a fuller bow, use a larger width of ribbon size.  
Cut it into an 8 inch section (for the bow) and a 2 inch section (for the tie).
Steps: (picture below)
1.  With wrong sides together, sew the raw edges of the 8 inch ribbon with a 1/2 inch seam.
2.  Press seams open with iron
3.  Match up seams with middle of bow
4.  Grab the 2 inch section and iron the long sides into the middle.
5.  With a 1/2 inch seam allowance, sew the wrong sides together.
6.  Turn the tie right side out and slip over the bow.
Instantly cute bow! Now, we need to attach the bow to the belt approximately 2 inches from the straight end. Attach it with a few straight stitches over the middle of the tie.  (or hand stitch)
Slip two “d” rings over the end.
Fold under 1/4 inch.
Then, fold under again 1/2 inch, making sure to enclose the “d” rings.  Stitch in place.
You have a belt! Happy customer!
The Stretchy Belt
The elastic belt is super easy and can be worn for a much longer time because it is so stretchy.
I found the super cute belt buckle at Joann Fabrics. It is a golden bow that clips at the center. Super easy for kids to maneuver. 
Cut off a piece of FOE (fold over elastic) … also found at Joann’s.
I cut mine to 21 inches. Ainsley’s waist is 22 inches, but this is super stretchy and will accommodate a range of waist sizes.
Using the same technique as the ribbon belts, fold over 1/4 inch and then another 1/2 inch to enclose the belt. Stitch. Do on both ends.  
This creates a super cute belt. (I kind of want one for myself!)

belt 9

Thanks so much for having me!
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  1. SO CUTE! I especially love the elastic belt, how easy!


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