Spider Crafts

Inspired by the Craftsy Halloween Flash Sale I decided to make some Halloween decor in a flash.

DIY Spider Decor

My kids have been collecting plastic spiders from the neighbor. They are literally all over the place, so my kids thought it would be fun to hang some from our chandelier over our dinner table. Not a bad idea! It gets them off the floor, so I don’t have to pick them up all the time.


  • Plastic spiders
  • White thread
  • Scissors


Simply tie a few pieces of thread form your chandelier and tie the spiders to them.

DIY Spider Decor 3

Don’t have a chandelier? Try lamps or window blinds.

DIY Spider Decor 2


  1. I really like that look. I like spiders, myself. Will have to put on my light next year.

  2. Hey Sara. I love the idea of the spiders, but on a side note, I L.O.V.E. the thing you have hanging on the wall holding the flowers. I am not sure if that is technically a sconce or not….Do you remember where you got it, or the what a should Google to find something similar? THANK!

    • Thanks Elida! I found it at hobby lobby a few years ago. It was black and I painted it white recently. I think it’s made of iron. Hobby Lobby has lots of stuff like it.

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