DIY Headband

DIY Headbands

Hi there! I’m Sara from alice & lois design studios. My twin sister and I share an Etsy shop and blog. I am excited to share this easy and fun sewing tutorial here on Bite Sized Sewing. This tutorial for a little girls fabric headband takes under 30 minutes to complete. This is a great project for beginners.


  • Scrap fabric (cotton works best)
  • Fold over elastic
  • Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies
  • Headband template

DIY Headbands supplies

DIY Headbands template measurements


1. Using template, cut 2 headband pieces. Fold fabric and place wide end of template on fold. The headband pieces are 12 inches in length. The oval shape headband is 1.25 inches on the ends and 2.5 inches in the middle. Cut a 10 inch piece of fold over elastic.

DIY Headbands step-1

2. Place the right sides of the fabric together. Fold down 1/4 inch and iron one end of headband. Slid in the FOE between the fabric pieces. Pin the pieces together.

DIY Headbands

3. Starting at the end of the headband with the FOE sticking out, sew that end and the two long sides. Leave the other end of headband open. Leave a half inch on each side of 2 long sides on the open end.

DIY Headbands

4. Next pull the the inside out by pulling the inner fabric through the open end of headband.

DIY Headbands

5. Iron the headband flat. Iron in a quarter inch on the open end of the headband.

DIY Headbands

6. Slip the FOE in the opening (about 1/2 inch). I recommend measuring your child’s head to determine the perfect fit for elastic.

DIY Headbands

7. Topstich all the way around the headband to give a clean look. Make sure and back stitch on the ends to ensure the elastic is secure.

DIY Headbands

DIY Headbands

DIY Headbands

Now you have a sweet and simple fabric headband for your little girl. Check out more simple sewing tutorials on our blog! Our blog is dedicated to showcasing DIY projects, ideas to celebrate family, curating inspiration and spotlighting goodness. Follow us 0n Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thanks again Sara for having us on your blog!


  1. Love it!! Foldover elastic seems like it would be really comfortable for the bottom of a headband. I’ve linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip:

  2. Super cute! I’ll have to make some for my daughter…she’d love it!

    • Hi Robin! I’m going to make some for my daughter too! Glad you are having fun with them!

  3. Where do you get your fold over elastics? They are great!

  4. Thank you Sara from alice&lois for such a fun tutorial!

  5. Hi Beth –
    I get the fold over elastic at a local fabric store in san francisco. You can also search FOE on Etsy and find lots of shops that sell it. You can also use 1/4 in or 1/2 inch elastic from a fabric store. Hope this helps! Enjoy!

  6. How many inches would you add to the length for an adult version and would you make it any wider at the base or center to accommodate a larger head?

  7. Also, could you sew on velcro to the FOE and the headband so it can adjust as baby grows? I hate it when the kids outgrow things quickly. Adorable and great tutorial, btw. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I LOVE these headbands!!

  9. How much larger would you make for a teen/adult? Any suggestions on how tomkeepmthem from sliding out of her hair? Store bought ones just slide right out even after bobby pinning. Thanks!
    Also FOE is awesome to get from sunshine shoppe online!

  10. Thanks so much Sara! That site was helpful. Do you know if the hook side of Velcro is the smoother side? I love all these DIY headband ideas but my hair is so fine nothing wants to stay so I’m determined to make them work. I’m also wondering is a few drops of hot glue on the back side would help keep it in place? What is your thought?

    • I’m so glad you found it helpful, Carrie. The hook is the ‘catchy’ side, so not the smoother. The smoother side is often referred as the loop side. :)

  11. Is there an adult size? What adaptions need to be made to make this in an adult size please? Just had my long hair cut very short and would like something to change the looks a bit! Thanks

    • The simplest way to alter this pattern for an adult is to keep the template the same measurements. Add length to the FOE to accommodate a larger/adult head. Hope this helps. :)

  12. I made this headband yesterday as a gift for my niece and I’m posting it on my blog, thank you!

    • Great Jennifer! I love to see what everyone else has made with tutorials found on!

  13. Muchas gracias por la plantilla y la muy buena idea son para mi hija

  14. I love making these for all the girls in my family!!! But you gave me the best tip off all by using the fold over elastic. I will have to try that next round of sewing for family. It looks so much more comfortable! Thank you for sharing. I love learning something new every day!!!!

    • Thanks Danita! I’m always excited to learn something new as well!

  15. What is the template for an adult headband?

  16. So easy! Thank you for letting us share your idea!

  17. I’m going to make these for my girls and add their monogram!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  18. I love these! I made 3 for myself and posted your link on my page. Great idea!

  19. I am sewing these right now with my nieces. They wanted to learn to sew and your headbands are simple, have easy to understand instructions, and perfect for them since they are always accessorizing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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