You’ve Made Me Blush + Babble 100


I’m blushing + dancing! You know why? Remember when I asked you to support me in getting the Babble 100 Best Bloggers 2013? Would you believe YOU got me there?

Thank you. Thank YOU! Gosh it felt like a sweaty marathon without all the leftover aches and pains. I certainly questioned myself when I asked for your help. I questioned whether I should bother you… whether I was good enough to be a ‘best blogger’… whether going for it was worth my time, and better yet, your time.

I believe the run is worth it because I feel your support. I feel like a team when blogging can often feel lonely.

Are you going for anything that you question whether it’s worth it? I say… give it a shot.


P.S. You can see the proof here + learn a few more things about me…. like what my dining room looks like + what I love most about DIY + what my favorite crafting tool is + the best thing I ever made.

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