Hey there pretty crafter! My name is Sara Lanan, and I am the founder of Craft Snob.

If you are a crafter that wants to be inspired to craft, learn how to display your crafts on your own website, or make your craft blog popular, then you are about to lo-ove me!

That’s because I make pretty crafting and creating your very own craft blog easy for you to implement with clear simple steps. Already have a craft blog? Boy do I have tips and tricks that will make your craft blog popular!

So a little more about me…

I was born and raised (mostly) in Houston, Texas. I earned a degree in engineering (I love numbers!) from Texas A&M University and started my professional career in 2004. In 2008, I took the opportunity to stay home with my kids, thus spiraling into craft oblivion to maintain my sanity.

My mom introduced me to the world of crafting when I was a girl. In highschool I would sew simple dresses and pillows, paint stools and frames, and reupholster chairs. The first time I ever sold anything crafty was in the 7th grade. I would draw student’s names in a cool comic way and charge $1 for each one.

I love coming up with ways to make crafts (maybe that’s the engineer in me!), like my Clementine Fabric Flower.

I have too many craft ideas to not share. And you know, I find the more I share, the more I dream up! But I’m a picky crafter, hence Craft Snob. And I like things that make me feel pretty. Can you blame me for that?

I’m delighted a pretty crafter like you has stopped by. I hope you have found Craft Snob helpful in your quest for making pretty crafts.

Go and be pretty!

Sara Lanan