Crochet 101: Part 3

Crochet 101: Part 3

Lxi is here with Part 3 of Crochet 101. Catch parts 1 and 2 here and here. Feeling crochet confident? Give this flower crochet pattern a try or stop by Lxi's shop and pick up a tutorial! I'd start by getting organized.

Want to learn to knit, too? The next 'petite series' is Knitting 101!



Directly continuing from last week’s tutorial, I am going to move right along to turning.


  • sc – Single Crochet Stitch
  • dc – Double Crochet Stitch
  • yo – Yarn Over

After you have made a single crochet in each chain across, you will need to turn to make another row.  To start, your project should look like this.

To turn, simply make two chains.

Note:  The reason you made two chains is because we are continuing with a double crochet stitch, which is two chains tall.  A single crochet is one chain tall.  If you were continuing with single crochets, you would make only one chain.

Turn your work so your hook is on the far right side (if you are right handed), or on the far left side (if you are left handed.) Now you are able to start your next row. For this row, I will teach you how to make a dc.  To make a dc, wrap the yarn once over your hook.

Insert hook in the first stitch of the previous row.  There should be two pieces of yarn under which you are inserting your hook.

Grab the yarn with your hook, (which from now on will be referred to as “yarn over” or yo).

Pull the yarn through the first two loops on your hook. 

Yo again, and pull through the two loops left on the hook.

The double crochet is complete. 

Continue to make a double crochet in each stitch across.

Now I will teach you how to change colors.

Once you have made a dc in each stitch across, cut your yarn with a ten inch tail.

Tie your new color yarn to the old piece with a square knot.  Make the knot as close to your most recent stitch as possible, and leave a ten inch tail on the new color yarn as well.

Continue to crochet.  Chain 1. 

Turn.  Sc in each stitch across. 

Chain 2.  Turn.  Dc in each stitch across.

You can continue this pattern as many times as you would like. Next week I will teach you how to finish your project and weave in loose ends.


Snobbish Delights

Snobbish Delights

I need to make some cupboard art tables for my kids.

Did you know you can make your own marbled silk scarves?

I think I'll package the next gift I give like this.

Hoop art with flowers!

You gotta see this Mother's Day corsage.

Fabric Flower Ring

Fabric Flower Ring

Ooooh….. let's make some fabric flower rings with no glue or thread.


  • Scrap Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Brad
  • Metal ring base
  • Flame (to singe edges of fabric)
  • Pliers

Cut five circles of fabric and singe the edges. Like these projects here and here. Stack the circles, slice the center with scissors, and insert a brad through the slit.

Looking for more craft ideas with brads? Look here and here.

Flatten the brad. Using pliers, turn each end up.

Place the ring base between the folded ends of the brad. Fold the ends of the brad over the ring base.

The Real Deal: It costs less than $2.00 to make one of these rings.

Crochet 101: Part 2

Crochet 101: Part 2

Lxi is here for Part 2 of the fresh 'petite series' Crochet 101. Part 2 focuses on practicing stitches so you can be confident when taking on a crochet pattern or project. If you are just getting started… check out Part 1 for all the supplies you need.

Did you see this Rosalee crochet purse at Living in Ivory? She made it from jersey knit fabric yarn. Love it.



Today I am going to teach you how to start your crochet project.


To attach the yarn to the hook, you will need to make a slip knot.  The slip knot is created by crossing the end of the yarn down on top of the longer side of the yarn.

That loop is then turned down on itself so it looks like a pretzel.

With your crochet hook, you will then grab the 3rd piece from the left and pull on it.

This motion should create the slip knot with your hook attached in a loop.


Almost all crochet projects begin with a  base chain.  To start, find a comfortable way to hold your hook, stitches, and yarn.  This is how I position my hands.

To make a chain, wrap the yarn around your crochet hook like this.

Pull through the beginning slip knot loop.

You have just completed one chain. Repeat the process. Using your crochet hook, grab the yarn, twist your hook, and pull through the loop.

You will notice that a twisting motion is necessary to pull the yarn through the loop. This may feel awkward, but you’ll get the hang of it. If this is your first time crocheting, my guess is that your loops will be much looser than mine. That’s ok for now.


When your base row is done, (patterns will specify how many chains you will need), you are ready to start your first row. In this example, I will show you how to make a row of single crochet stitches.

If you are right handed, hold your chain so that your hook is on the far right side. You will crochet moving left across the stitches. If you are left handed, hold your chain so that your hook is on the far left side. You will crochet moving right across the stitches.

To make a single crochet (or sc, which is how you will see it on patterns), insert hook through the 2nd loop from the hook. You do not count the loop that is currently on the hook. 

Grab yarn and pull through.

Once you have pulled through, you will have two loops on your hook.

Grab the yarn again and pull it through both loops on the hook.

Your first Single Crochet is complete. Continue this process in each chain across.

That’s it!  Practice these stitches. They are the most basic crochet stitches. Once you’ve mastered the feel of these stitches, you’ll be amazed at all you can create.


Confessions of a Craft Snob

  1. I think the first is obvious. The last 13 weeks I've been busy making a nervous and circulatory system for my newest little one. It's exhausting! I'm hoping my energy bounces back in the 2nd trimester.
  2. I made this skirt and planned a tutorial for it, but the step by step pics would probably make you as nauseous as I feel. I'll have to tell you soon how I thought I lost my photo mojo (think blonde moment).
  3. I hate that I am judgmental. I don't have the right to be.

P.S. If you haven't read my other confessions, you are missing out!

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