Something Blue

Something Blue

Make a fabric flower headband

Such a lovely addition to any outfit don't you think? 

I can hardly wait until my daughter can wear headbands like this. I'm such a sucker for them!

Start by making the Delilah fabric flower. Figure out where you want it positioned on the headband and hot glue it. Cut a  piece of felt and hot glue it over the headband and onto the flower for added support.

I know… so easy and so cute!

The Real Deal: It only cost me $2.00 to make this headband.

Go and be pretty,

Fabric Flower Shoe Clips

Fabric Flower Shoe Clips

Make Your Own Shoe Accessories

Can I just state the obvious? These clips are SO cute! 

I've had these brown flats for about 5 years and was starting to get bored with them. Now I think I will be wearing them more often.  

Start with two small fabric flowers and two earring clips. Try to get the smallest clips you can find because they will be less likely to bug your foot when wearing them. These clips came with a rubber sticky pad. I removed it to adhere the flower with E6000 instead, which is far stronger.

And just like that you have new shoe clips to spice up an old pair of shoes. 

The Real Deal: It only cost me $0.50 to make these shoe clips.

Go and be pretty,

Kids Can Journal, Too!

Kids Can Journal, Too!

Easy Journal Kids Can Make

This is a no sew, kid-friendly option to making a journal. What a cute, fun way to encourage your kids to write and draw. 

This is a great project to use scrap paper because it is small and useful.

Start out with the same paper dimensions as the sewn journal tutorial.

Fold both pieces of scrapbook paper in half. Place the white cut out sheets in the large folded paper. Put the small, blue paper over the large, pink paper. 

Punch 3 holes along the binding with a punch, awl, or scissors. Insert a brad into each hole and flatten. 

Don't you think your child would love to try this? Imagine the stories they could capture with their new journal!

The Real Deal: It only cost me $0.50 to make this journal. 

Go and be pretty,

A Note from France

A Note from France

Make a Small Journal

Are you ever daydreaming and come across a thought you always want to remember? This is the perfect little assistant, ready to accept your thoughts when you are willing. 

It reminds of the time I was living in Sceaux, France outside of Paris. I would walk to the dreamy Parc de Sceaux and just sit. 

Wouldn't this be a great gift for someone on a journey?

It fits nicely in your purse, laptop case, or even your back pocket. Shall we get going?

You need one large piece of scrapbook paper 6" x 4.5", one small piece of scrapbook paper 4.5" x 1" and 12 pieces of regular white paper just under 3" x 4.5". For the white paper, take an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper and fold in half 3 times. Cut along all the folds. This will yield 8 pieces of paper. 

Fold the large scrapbook paper in half.

Fold the small piece of scrapbook paper in half and fit it over the folded edge of the large scrapbook paper. Neatly stack the white paper and insert it in between the large scrapbook paper. 

Set your sewing machine to the longest stitch. If you use too short of a stitch the pages may become too perforated and tear out. 

Using a straight stitch, sew along the fold about 1/4" away from the edge. I had a hard time getting the needle to penetrate the paper using the foot pedal. So, I sewed using the hand wheel on the side of the sewing machine, which puts out a little more force. 

Tie a piece of twine around a couple of these journals to make a lovely gift. 

The Real Deal: It cost me about $0.50 to make one journal.  

I tend to use journals for capturing things to do, ideas that come to mind, and everything else in between. Do you like to jot your thoughts down? What do you use journals for?  

If you prefer to not sew, hop on over to a no sew, kid-friendly version of this journal.

Go and be pretty,

Bib Necklace

Bib Necklace

Jewelry Refashion: Make a Bib Necklace

My sister-in-law gave me jewelry she inherited and wanted me to refashion the necklace and earrings. What an honor, but I was nervous! What if she didn't like it? 

I ended up making a bib necklace and matching bobby pin. 

These are the clip on earrings and necklace I started with.

I used green and white cotton (she loves green) to make 3 flowers. I removed the backs of the clip on earrings. Using E6000, I glued one earring onto the white flower for the necklace and one earring onto a green flower to make the bobby pin. 

I restrung the clear beads onto clear nylon monofilament bead cord (fancy for fishing line, but found in the jewelry section of craft stores). I weaved the strand in and out of the material while making the flower. I'll post another tutorial on making this flower soon.

I positioned the flowers where I wanted them on a piece of white felt and glued them down. 

I cut the excess felt away and reused the backs of the clip on earrings to connect the chain. The clips are just glued in between the felt and flowers. Using pliers, I opened the chain, inserted it through the clip, and closed it again. I also reused the clasp.


And there you have it. A refashioned set of earrings and necklace into a bib necklace and bobby pin. 

Go and be pretty,

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