DIY Headbands

DIY Headbands

I love headbands, and it seems that every occasion calls for one right? I’ve collected seven DIY headbands you can start making right.this.minute.

Need a last minute gift, girls’ night out accessory, a stylish addition to your workout, or something to make with fabric scraps? It appears you are in luck because these headband options are sure to fit the bill.

DIY T-shirt Headband

DIY Petite Bow Headband

DIY Fabric Headband

DIY Lace Headband

DIY Applique Headband

DIY St Patrick Glitter Headband

DIY Sweatband


DIY Bow-tied Headband

Today I’m sharing my simple bow-tied headband (no sewing required!) on Welcome to the Mouse House. I love using lace and brooches for style statements and you can whip this bow-tied headband up in 10 minutes flat.

Bow-tied headband


Little Bird Sweater Library Book Bag Tutorial

Little Bird Sweater Library Book Bag Tutorial

Little birds make me think of spring, so I made another library tote bag using my how to make a book bag tutorial. The base is made from a magenta sweater I found at a thrift store. If I could do it over again, I would change the complimenting floral pattern for one with colors that bring out more of the pinker side of the sweater and less of the maroon side. Pink is what I always go for if you can’t tell!

Little Bird Book Bag Tutorial 2

I’ve been making several trips to the library with this tote, filling it with books about canning, preserving, and of course crafting.

What makes you think of spring? Made any trips to the library lately? If so, what books make it into your bag?

Introducing the Evie Carry All Trio Pattern

Introducing the Evie Carry All Trio Pattern

Here it is: Evie Carry All Trio. This is the first pattern I’ve created. I am so proud and want to share the pattern with you for free. Pure pretty-ness don’t you think?


I want to share the pattern for free because I want to encourage any of you beginner sewers and those thinking about sewing to just try. I wouldn’t say the purse is for beginners. Then again, if you are slow and steady, even a beginner can make the purse.

The free pattern consists of a purse, make-up bag, and sunglasses case and ranges from beginner to advanced. Start the trio with the sunglasses case, a beginner level. Then move to the make-up bag, an intermediate level. Then attempt the purse, which is an advanced level.

You can download the free purse trio pattern through facebook here. I would love to hear constructive feedback. Now get your sewing machine out!

Little Bird Book Bag

Little Bird Book Bag

Shopping for craft books at the public library is one of my fave past times, and bringing them home for free somehow gives me satisfaction despite having to return them in 3 weeks. The need for a sweet little tote to carry my temporary books from the library inspired this little bird book bag.

Gotta have:

  • Thrifted sweater
  • Printed cotton fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and coordinating thread
  • Bird pattern (the one I used is from this book)

The length and width of the purse will depend on the size of sweater you start with. The cut piece of sweater for the bird tote happens to measure 15 inches wide by 12 inches tall.

Turn the sweater right side out, cut a bird pattern from the cotton fabric, and hand stitch it onto the sweater as seen below.

The dimensions of the print fabric will depend on the sweater dimensions. Use the same width as the sweater and add 5 inches to the length. Since my sweater was 15" x 12", my print fabric measures 15" x 17".

Attach the straps with a criss-cross stitch as seen below.

So perfect for your trip to the library.

The Real Deal: The thrifted sweater and fabric cost about $10.

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