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Neck Tie Onesie

Neck Tie Onesie

The neck tie onesies I've been seeing around are so cute. I had to make one.  I'm becoming a fan of neck ties now!

Using card stock or other firm paper, cut out a pattern the size you want the neck tie to be. Place the pattern on your fabric and trace with a 1/4 to 1/2 inch margin. Cut the fabric tie out. Fold under all edges 1/4 inch and press with an iron.

Fold in any overhanging edges. This is what it looks like with all the sides pressed under.

Place the neck tie right side up on the onesie and pin in place. Sew with a straight stitch all the way around with a narrow margin.

And that's it. What a great way to offer a personalized gift to someone expecting a baby boy!

The Real Deal: I bought the onesie blank from Hobby Lobby for $3.00 and the fabric was less than $1.00. What a deal!

Make Pillowcase Dresses

Make Pillowcase Dresses

Peaches won't let me touch her hair. She likes it wild. No brushing. No Clips. No pig tails. In the first shot, her face gives away her opinion of dresses. The second shot is post marshmallow bribery.

Usually a pillowcase dress refers to a dress cut from a pillowcase. Since I didn't have a cute enough pillowcase to cut for a dress, I improvised. And so can you.


  • Sewing machine
  • 1/2 yard of fabric
  • Matching thread
  • Bias tape

Place a onesie on top of a piece of fabric (I used cotton) and fold like the picture above. Cut the fabric into a rectangular shape (like a pillowcase). You want a 1.5" to 2" margin on all sides of the onesie.

Without moving the onesie, locate the armpit and make a small snip in the fabric. Do the same for the shoulder.

Create two arm holes by cutting a curved line from the armpit snip to the shoulder snip. You should have two identical pieces like the picture above, one for the front and one for the back.

To create the armholes, fold the edges under (toward the wrong side of the fabric) two times and pin in place. Folding twice gives it a pretty finish. Sew it together, removing each pin before sewing over.

Create the neckline by folding the top of the neck under two times, pin in place, and sew. Fold the neckline under again one time. This time fold it down 1.5 inches, pin in place, and sew. Repeat this for both the front and back sides of the dress.

Place the front and back sides together wrong side out. Pin along the sides and sew with a 1/4" allowance.

To hem the bottom of the dress, fold the edge under twice, pin in place, and sew.

Turn the dress right side out and press with an iron.

The ties can be made several ways: ribbon, plain fabric, etc. But, I chose to use extra wide double fold bias tape because I had some on hand. There's a picture of bias tape above if you don't know what it is. You can also make your own bias tape, but that's a different lesson.

Cut 2 – 24 inch lengths of bias tape. Open the bias tape, fold under the end, and fold it closed again. Sew lengthwise along the open edge like the last picture above.

Insert the bias tape through the neck loops.

For the bottom ruffle, cut a 3" wide x 30" long piece of fabric (I used cotton here, too). Fold all edges under two times and sew just like on the dress above.

Set the sewing machine to the longest stitch length. Sew lengthwise on one edge leaving excess thread for pulling. Do NOT backstitch. Backstitching will prevent you from being able to bunch the fabric. Hold on to one end of the thread and gently bunch the fabric until it matches the length of the circumference of the bottom of the dress. Match up the bottom of the dress with the top of the ruffle. Pin in place on the wrong side of the dress and sew (with a regular stitch length).

And there you have it! A makeshift pillowcase dress.

The Real Deal: It cost less than $7 to make this CUTE dress.

Make a Snowflake Onesie

Make a Snowflake Onesie

It’s getting cold here again.  I love it!  Since we don’t get snow, I am in the spirit of creating my own snow.  My snow is cozy and warm though.  See for yourself.

Make a snowflake out of paper to use as a pattern.  Start with a square cut out 3 inches by 3 inches. Fold the paper in half two times.  Cut it like you see in the picture (unless you want it to look different of course).  Open the paper back up.  Trace the snowflake pattern on the fleece and cut it out.  Make (2) 3 inch flakes and (3) 2 inch flakes.

Arrange the snowflakes on the onesie the way you want.  Pin them into place and then sew each one.  That’s it.

The real deal: It only costs about $0.30 in materials to add these cute little embellishments.

Go and be pretty,