Snobbish Delights

Snobbish Delights

I haven't had time lately to make more flowers.  I would certainly love to make some. For now, I will just have to admire these twee blossoms.

1. Wall Flower

2. French Pouf

3. Espadrillas

4. Felt Dahlia

But don't forget about Delilah, Olivia, Polly, or Hannah.

Snobbish Delights

Snobbish Delights

I need to make some cupboard art tables for my kids.

Did you know you can make your own marbled silk scarves?

I think I'll package the next gift I give like this.

Hoop art with flowers!

You gotta see this Mother's Day corsage.

Snobbish Delights

Snobbish Delights

I wish I'd thought of this leather bow cuff.

Make your own fun fringe backdrop.

I like the idea of an interchangeable garland.

What a cute ruffle addition to a cardi.

Can stripes make your shades so hip it hurts?

Snobbish Delights

Heart of Light

I wish I'd thought of birdies for my kids' room.

I'm gonna have to give this headband a try by Heart of Light.

What a great gift packaging idea for crafters. And it's printable!

This tart looks like it can convert me to loving lemon.