DIY Ornaments

DIY Ornaments 2

Here you will find bunches of DIY ornaments ranging from festive to printable to painted and crocheted.

DIY Festive Ornaments

Mini Top Hat ornament

Glitter Ornaments

Toilet paper roll ornaments

Painted santa ornament

Mini wreath ornament

‘I spy’ ornament

Printable crazy Christmas tree ornament

Doily Snowflake Ornament

Christmas List Ornament

Elf Printable Ornament

DIY Paper & Printable Ornaments

Paper Hourglass Ornament

Toilet paper roll ornaments

Printable crazy Christmas tree ornament

Christmas List Ornament

Paper Ball Ornament

Elf Printable Ornament

 Unique DIY Ornaments

Mini Top Hat ornament

DIY Stamped Clay Ornaments

Paper Hourglass Ornament

Felt embroidery ornament

Sea shell ornament

Crochet ornament

Birdcage ornament

Music box ornament

Felt pom pom ornament

Mini Bistro Chair Ornament

Doily Snowflake Ornament

Minimalist Yarn Ornament

DIY Felt Ornaments

Doily Snowflake Ornament

Felt pom pom ornament

Mini Top Hat ornament

Felt embroidery ornament

Spider Crafts

Inspired by the Craftsy Halloween Flash Sale I decided to make some Halloween decor in a flash.

DIY Spider Decor

My kids have been collecting plastic spiders from the neighbor. They are literally all over the place, so my kids thought it would be fun to hang some from our chandelier over our dinner table. Not a bad idea! It gets them off the floor, so I don’t have to pick them up all the time.


  • Plastic spiders
  • White thread
  • Scissors


Simply tie a few pieces of thread form your chandelier and tie the spiders to them.

DIY Spider Decor 3

Don’t have a chandelier? Try lamps or window blinds.

DIY Spider Decor 2


Make a Felt Embroidery Ornament

Make a Felt Embroidery Ornament

Caitlin of Hardly Housewives is here today sharing a charming felt embroidered ornament. Thank you, Caitlin!


  • Embroidery thread
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Thick needle
  • Cotton balls for stuffing the ornament once it’s finished.

Start by cutting out a heart shape in white felt.  Thread your needle with your thread and start stitching out your pattern.  In this case, I did a vine with leaves using the green thread.  I did this without a pattern so the shape is somewhat asymmetrical and the leaves aren’t exactly the same size, but I like it.

Once you’ve got the vine down, switch to a new color.  I grabbed the red thread and started stitching in some flowers.

Switching out to the yellow thread, I made some more flowers and filled in the center of the red flowers I’d already done.

I decided to add red felt as the backing to this ornament, so using the existing white felt heart as a guide, I cut out a red heart…

…and stitched the whole ornament closed, stuffing in the cotton balls to fill out the heart.  To hang the ornament with, I braided my three thread colors and looped it through the top of the heart:

Here it is…

Hourglass Christmas Ornament

Hourglass Christmas Ornament
Hello there! It’s Melissa of I Still Love You. I’m here to share with you a quick paper ornament tutorial that you can do with objects you’re likely to find already at home! I’m not one to decorate for the holidays, I’ve said this before, and I just don’t think I can really justify buying/making crazy amounts of Christmas (or any holiday) decorations when I don’t even own the home I live in. If the decorations can’t fit in one rubbermaid container, I’m not buying it or making it.

These little DIY ornaments are easy enough to duplicate over & over. Even easier if you have a cutter like the Silhouette or Cricut! Let’s get started, shall we?

Paper Hourglass Christmas Ornament


This ornament design is heavily inspired by my sister-in-law Shelley. She was showing me around her Industrial Design classroom and showing off the different iterations her group had made for their lamps they recently produced. This ornament is similar to one of the ideas she had.

Paper Hourglass Christmas Ornament 2

• S U P P L I E S •

Cut out your ornament pattern. If you have a Silhouette (or other cutter) use that. Otherwise, print the ornament pattern onto the paper of your choice & cut out using an X-acto knife & ruler. Use a hole punch for the holes.

Paper Hourglass Christmas Ornament 3

Make sure your paper is right side up & with your threaded needle, go in the first slit.

Paper Hourglass Christmas Ornament 4

Alternate going in & out with each slit.

Paper Hourglass Christmas Ornament 5

Match the ends up so the last two slits overlap. Tape ends together.

Paper Hourglass Christmas Ornament 6

With your string, tie a knot as tight as you can, bringing the inner slots together to form an hourglass shape. Get them as tight as possible. let the alternating slits bow out evenly.

Paper Hourglass Christmas Ornament 7

Thread your ribbon through each hole & knot. Repeat for the other side.

Paper Hourglass Christmas Ornament 8

Hang ornament on a bow of your Christmas tree or cluster several together (in different patterns & sizes) for a little festive chandelier for your front door. Happy decorating! For the pattern (printable & cutting files) click the download button below. Check out I Still Love You for more refashions, printables & tutorials than you can shake a stick at. Each year I offer a candy box printable for readers to download. Check them out here: 2010 Christmas candy box2009 Christmas candy box2008 Christmas candy box2007 Christmas candy box. Be sure to subscribe to ISLY for more crafty goodness and this year’s Christmas Box printable!

This tutorial/freebie is free for personal use and should not be distributed/republished without my consent. Altering the file is NOT ALLOWED. If you would like to use this tutorial for commercial purposes, please email me. Thanks!


Ribbon Wreath Ornament

Ribbon Wreath Ornament
Hi, I’m Marie and I craft over at Make and Takes. I’m happy to be joining the ornament fun over here at Craft Snob! Today we’re making a ribbon wreath ornament complete with a few jingle bells. I’ve crafted these fun ribbon wrapped bells before, but we’re using green ribbon and red bells to give this ornament the resemblance of a Christmas wreath.


  • 2-3 inch ring, mine is a shower curtain ring
  • 4 feet of green ribbon, best to have the ribbon 5/8 in. width
  • 3 red bells
  • scissors

Wreath-Bells-Ornament-21. Wrap your ribbon around and around the ring until it’s all covered in ribbon. Tie off the ends together in a knot.Wreath-Bells-Ornaments-32. With the ends of your ribbon, thread on your bells. Tie them together in a knot again after the bells have been added.


3. Trim your excess ribbon and it’s ready to hang!

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