DIY Gift Bag

Hi Craft Snob Fans!! I’m Sarah from Blue Susan Makes where I blog about all my sewing adventures. It’s no secret that I love making bags and today I’m going to share with you how to make an easy DIY reusable gift bag, another tutorial to add to your beginner sewing projects. The Holidays are upon us and sometimes I don’t have time to make something special for everyone, but I still like to give a gift with a touch of handmade.  Stuff them with a bag of baked goods, candy bars, lotion, a cozy scarf, or some fun socks and you’ll have the perfect gift for a best friend, neighbor, or teacher. (Mine are holding a package of store bought cookies).

DIY Gift Bag


You could even do your friend or teacher a time saving favor and sew up as stack of them as a gift.

DIY Gift Bag 2
  • 14″ x 14″ fabric
  • 22″ long piece of ribbon
  • Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies

This style of bag has the seam in the back with the tie sewn in to make tying a bow a snap. These little bags are 12 1/2” X 6 1/2” finished but it is easy to re-size them to fit your needs.

DIY Gift Bag 3


Want to learn how to make them? I bet you do!

1. Start with a 14”X 14” square of fabric. Fold 1 edge toward the wrong side 1/4” and Press.  Fold it again 3/4” and press. Then stitch your hem in place.

DIY Gift Bag 4

2. Cut a 22” length of ribbon, fold it in half and pin the middle to the right side of the fabric about 2-2 1/2” down from the hem on one side. Fold the opposite side over it and sew along that side edge with about a 1/4” seam.

DIY Gift Bag 5

3. Zig-zag or serge over the seam to finish off the edges. TIP: To finish a seam with a zig-zag I always decrease my stitch length and widen my zigzag a little, then sew with one stitch going off the fabric and one stitch on. It rolls in the raw edge as you sew.

DIY Gift Bag 6

4. Press that seam to one side and fold the rectangle so the seam is in the center back. Stitch across the bottom and finish the edge if you wish.

DIY Gift Bag 7

And you’re done!! Now turn it inside out and stuff it. These gift bags are so quick you could make several in an hour once you are on a roll. Oh, one more idea, instead of using printed fabric you can use plain and hand stamp it in a few places like I did.  

DIY Gift Bag 8
DIY Gift Bag 9
Thank you Sara! Happy Sewing! Now who are you going to make a gift bag for this year?

You can find Sarah blogging at Blue Susan MakesFacebookInstagram and Bloglovin.  

Cosmetic Bag Pattern

Hello!  I’m Sarah from Cozy Nest Design.  I am really happy to have been invited to share this cosmetic bag pattern with you. I love quick and easy projects like this – especially ones that help diminish my ridiculous mountain of stash fabric!  This cosmetic bag can be customized using prepared or your own homemade bias tape and has plenty of room for all your treasures.  I think it would make a great gift too!

Petals Cosmetic Bag Pattern

Finished size 9x6x1″

Cosmetic Bag Pattern


  • (1) 9″ zipper
  • 40 inches of 1/2″ prepared double fold bias tape (for instructions on how to make your own bias tape, go here)
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Cosmetic bag pattern


  1. Download pattern template.
  2. Cut 4  @ 10×6 1/2″  from main fabric (2 for exterior and 2 for lining)
  3. Cut 2 from accent fabric using pattern piece
  4. Cut 2 from accent fabric using pattern piece – reversed (flip pattern over and trace)
  5. Cut 2  @ 10×6 1/2″ from medium-weight interfacing

For detailed, printable instructions,  click here.

Cosmetic Bag Pattern Diagram

I hope you have fun with this project. There is a matching purse and tote pattern available on Craftsy.  I would love to see your creations!   Post them to my Facebook wall or just drop in and say “hello”.  Happy sewing!

You can find Sarah at Cozy Nest Design, Craftsy, and Facebook.

DIY Book Holder

Hi Craft Snobs! I’m Emily from I’m super excited to be here today with a super simple DIY Book Holder Tutorial. Its fast, easy and super useful with my kids. My little one wakes up super early in the morning, so we are encouraging him to just read books instead of waking the rest of us up! {good luck with that right? ha!} So… I came up with this for his bed.

DIY Book Holder

Cute right? It can be made any size, but I made mine for some mini-Thomas the Train books. Lets get started!

Use your largest book as a guide for cutting the width. Leave about an inch on each side of your book for a seam allowance.

DIY Book Holder 6

The length should be long… you can use the entire length of the fabric (42 inch or 44 inch is good)

Lets start folding and pinning. Place a book one inch from the top of the long strip on the right side. Fold the fabric up and over the book to create the pocket. Pin on the left and right of the book.

Move the book, or use another one to continue creating pockets

DIY Book Holder 7

You can see how I pinned the sides as I went.

DIY Book Holder 3

To sew it all together, set your machine to zig-zag and go down each side from top to bottom, then bottom to top. Be sure to catch all the layers and fold of fabric to hold it all together.

To finish up and give it a way to hang, cut four small strips of fabric.

DIY Book Holder 5

Fold the strips in half then in half again the long way and zig-zag down each one. Attach two to the top corners of the book holder.

DIY Book Holder 2

Use the ties to attach to the back of a chair or the side of a bed, or hang from two hooks on the wall. Fill with your favorite goodies and enjoy the fun!

DIY Book Holder 1b

A big thanks to Sara for having me here today. I’d love for you to stop by my blog sometime. I host a weekly link party {often with a giveaway!} that opens Monday evening… its called Tasteful Tuesdays and would love to have you join.  Most of the projects on my blog are related to sewing for my boys… I recently made them each a pair of jeans!! {my first!} I hope to see you around my space soon, if you are coming over from Craft Snob, make sure to leave me a comment and let me know!

Emily blogs at Naptime Creations. You can find her on Bloglovin’, G+, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Hexagon Pattern Pouch

Hello everyone! This is Becky from Patchwork Posse here to share a Bite Sized Sewing project. I blog about lots of easy sewing projects, and I’m the home of the 52 Quilt Block Pick Up and the Yearly Round Robin.

Today we are going to talk about Hexagons . I’ve for some reason picked up an obsession with it…and I love it! I am kind of a puzzly girl and love shapes and different ways to use them.

This pouch is perfect for little girls to stuff with their lipgloss, candy, play house with, or whatever! You can use a few squares from your favorite charm pack to mix and match for a custom pouch. To keep it super simple, I used ribbon for the strap, but you can sew up your own if you’d like to better co-ordinate.

Let’s talk about how to make a Mini Hexagon Pattern Pouch.

Hexagon Pattern Pouch


  • 4– 5″ X 5″ for outside and lining
  • 2– 2 1/2″ X 11″ bag sides
  • Ribbon for strap 20″ long


Print off the 5″ Hexagon template on Card Stock or heavy paper and cut one out.

Hexagon Pattern Pouch 2

Feel free to adjust the length of the strap….some might want it smaller for a more clutch style or longer for a messenger or sling bag style. You could also add a decorative stitch across the top edge or opening to cute-sy it up a bit. Be sure to check out all of my Hexagon projects {I do them often}

Printable Hexagon Templates and Projects

Becky blogs at Patchwork Posse. You can find her on Pinterest and Facebook.

DIY Coasters

Hello there Craft Snob fans. I am Sachiko from Tea Rose Home where I share my sewing, refashioning, craft tutorials and such. I also write about my thoughts and little happenings as well to make you smile.

Where I live, the weather is getting colder and colder, and it makes me wanna play with some felt. I decided to share an easy felt project that you can actually turn into two different projects, DIY coasters or pincushions. Also, these would be a perfect, easy, inexpensive small Christmas gifts for friends, neighbors and sewing groups.

DIY Coasters

Do you already have some felts around the house? If not, it would be fun to go to a fabric stores or craft store to pick some up. I found a few last week at Joann’s, 4 for a dollar. To create these pincushions or DIY coasters you could totally have fun with which colors to combine together. Are you interested? Let’s start.


  • Felt in many colors
  • DMC floss that will match the felt you are going to work with
  • Fiber fill (if you are making a pincushion)
  • White marking pencil, needle, and other sewing tools.


DIY Coasters 2

You need three pieces of felt (4.5″ x 4.5″) which will be used for the top, the middle and the bottom layers. I chose three different shades of blue, but you could use the same colors for the top and the bottom, and something different for the middle.

DIY Coasters 3

2. On the felt for the top part, mark an X in the middle. Leave 1/2″ from all the corners. Cut on the lines.

DIY Coasters 4

3. Layer the middle felt under the top felt. Sew in the middle, so they won’t move around.

DIY Coasters 5

4. Lift up the middle of one of the lines that are cut and fold it outward, pin and sew. I chose to sew by hand, but I bet it would look pretty to sew by machine too.

DIY Coasters 6

5. Repeat the process till all 8 parts are sewn. Then, you will end up with this:

DIY Coasters 7

6. Layer that with the bottom piece then sew…WAIT! There are two Separate instruction from here.

DIY Coasters 8

If you are going the make a pincushion, remember to leave a 2″ to 3″ opening on the side, so you can put fiber fill in. After you have done that, sew it shut.

DIY Coasters 9

You just made yourself a pincushion.

DIY Coasters 10

If you chose to make coaster, all you need to do is just sew all four sides… yes, that is it! I have to warn you though… it is so much fun to think about color combinations, you might want to make tons of them just like I did…

DIY Coasters 11
DIY Coasters 12

My personal favorite is this one; mustard and light gray.

DIY Coasters 13

I had so much fun coming up with the bite sized sewing ideas. Thank you for having me here Sara!

Sachiko blogs at Tea Rose Home. You can find her on Pinterest and Etsy.

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