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English class is here again. Haberdashery sounds to me like something Cinderella’s fairy godmother whispers as she waves her wand. But, no, it means little sewing notions like buttons and ribbon.

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It's time for yet another installment of Speak English. Let's talk about dazzle. If you are driving along and someone flashes their lights at you, you've just been dazzled. Or, they dazzle their lights at you. 

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Slip Road

It's time for another installment of Speak English along my journey of living in London. We went on vacation in Wales last week. Along the drive up there we kept seeing signs including 'slip road.' So here goes… a slip road is like an on ramp to a highway in the U.S.

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Oh yes. And pictures of our Wales trip are coming soon!

Go and be pretty – Sara

Ladder in Tights

I've been playing catch up lately. Catch up on laundry, cleaning, and finally sleeping. I was so tired last night I slept 10 hours! Do you ever get like that? So far behind on sleep that you feel like you could sleep for a week? 

Anyways, let's learn to speak some English shall we?

When someone says you've got a "ladder in your tights" they are saying you have a run in your pantyhose. I think it's embarrassing to have a run in my hose. What about you? Are you embarrassed to have a "ladder in your tights?"

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This word alone sounds funny to me. When I hear someone using 'knackered' in a conversation it sounds even funnier. Actually, the first two times I heard someone saying it I thought they were implying that they were drunk or wasted. Nope… they were tired, exhausted, pooped out.

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Go and be pretty,


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