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Introducing the Evie Carry All Trio Pattern

Introducing the Evie Carry All Trio Pattern

Here it is: Evie Carry All Trio. This is the first pattern I’ve created. I am so proud and want to share the pattern with you for free. Pure pretty-ness don’t you think?


I want to share the pattern for free because I want to encourage any of you beginner sewers and those thinking about sewing to just try. I wouldn’t say the purse is for beginners. Then again, if you are slow and steady, even a beginner can make the purse.

The free pattern consists of a purse, make-up bag, and sunglasses case and ranges from beginner to advanced. Start the trio with the sunglasses case, a beginner level. Then move to the make-up bag, an intermediate level. Then attempt the purse, which is an advanced level.

You can download the free purse trio pattern through facebook here. I would love to hear constructive feedback. Now get your sewing machine out!